Does your child have a favorite

character, show, or sports team? little birdie

would LOVE to hear your ideas and help

to create the PERFECT personalized bento

for your child's party! We can do anything,

I mean ANYTHING, so don't be afraid to ask!


Don't want a Sandwich? How about Mac n Cheese? Pasta? Pizza?

Deli Roll-ups? Pinwheels? Fruit? Candy?

Fruit Leather? Veggies? Salad? Pickled Veggies (yeah, right!)? Chicken? Prime Rib?

Chicken Nuggets? Rice? Mashed Potatoes?


We are really creative here at little birdie, what about you? How creative can you be?

Come on...we LOVE a good challenge!


Contact us to talk about your ideas!


Chocolate designs:






Create a Box!

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