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little birdie loves PARTIES and all things that go with them!


With years of experience in the catering world,
little birdie would love to cater your childs next party!
But, why choose us?
Iittle birdie will go above and beyond to make sure there is super cute food that matches the theme of your party (IE- star shaped sandwiches & heart shaped fruit skewers!) 
Food in fun shapes gets your children excited about eating and that's exactly what we want!
Here's what we offer:
Themed parties little birdie has teamed with DB Clements of Inspiration Senses and offers complete themed parties. This includes table design, decor, cookie favors, and event planning. Please contact us for more information.
Cookie Decorating Parties Roll, cut, bake, and decorate delicious sugar cookies! This is the perfect party for your hands on baker that loves to be in the kitchen! A great way for the kids to interact with friends, learn about baking, create, and then eat their little works of art.
Little FOODIE Parties Do you have an up and coming chef? This party will delight the child that loves to cook! Learn how to make bento boxes- cut shapes, decorate, beautifully package your little creations, and THEN... EAT THEM!
Diaper Cakes! 1,2,3, OR even a 4 Tier cake (NO, YOU DON'T EAT THEM!) made with DIAPERS & other cute baby things. Customize your own or choose from one of our creative designs. CLICK HERE for more information and photos.
All party designs were a collaboration with the talented

DB Clements of



























Under the Sea






Spooky Scooby Doo Halloween

School- Welcome Back!

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Valentines Day-

Winter Candy Crush Celebration!










Spring Bento Party!



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Frozen Holiday Party

Princess decorating party!