BENTO BOX Catering


So, what the heck is a bento box?


A bento box is literally food-in-a-box

(for bento box description CLICK HERE).


But, how about a cute, personalized, well balanced little box of stars and hearts? Lions, tigers, piggies, or bears?


Our Bento Boxes are nifty little boxes filled with food, that can fit any party theme! They are coloful & beautifully packaged, and really easy to decorate --> click here to see

lots of ADD ON options!


They are also SO easy to clean up, and can be delivered right to your door!


We like our bento boxes to include something from each of the food groups... a Protein, a Fruit, a Veg, a Carb, and (of course) a DESSERT!


We love to be creative (and, love a good challenge) and are open to any ideas that you, or your child, may have.


While, our kitchen is NOT nut free, we are happy to work with food allergies and food restrictions, so please don't be too shy to ask.


Here are some samples photos of recent bento box creations:
































Pricing is dependent on the ingredients of each individual box

(IE- it costs more for Lobster than it does PBJ!)

so, please contact us to discuss!