Bento picks

Stick a little colorful pick into a sandwich, and VOILA!
Immediate color and cuteness! Not only do they add style and color,
the KIDZ can use them to pick up their food!

Choose from a variety of picks:

Little people

Musical notes



Flowers, stars, hearts



Sillicone Cups

These little baking cups are colorful, convenient,

AND reusable! They immediately add neatness

and color! Plus, after your party, you can use them

in SO many ways! In lunches, for baking, and for play!



Treat Toppers

                          Handmade and customizeable-any shape or color!

                                       Treat toppers make a simple item look REALLY REALLY CUTE!!!



Wrapped Flatware

Because we like perfectly packaged things, feel free to have

us perfectly package plastic flatware for your party!

Rolled Napkins in your color/style of choice,
wrappedwith a bow!



Box Jewels

Would you like to bedazzle your bento box with some shiny jewels

or stickers? DO IT! Decorate your box, for an additional